Our Brands

Company Profile

Policy of Management

  • ・contribute to create affluent life, society, and environment
  • ・establish identity and create the taste of the time at anytime
  • ・improve the service in order to meet the various needs of the customer carefully

Policy of Brewing

  • ・make in earnest
  • ・never give up
  • ・create only one with the mind of gratitude and responsibility


  • Founded : Genroku15 (1702)
  • Organized : Showa28 (1953)
  • Capitalized : 25.000.000yen
  • Business item : sake
  • The Chief Executive Officer :Munetaka Nakashima (Kozaemon the 14th)
  • Chief Brewer (Toji) : Nobuo Nakashima
  • Business Bank : Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank etc.
  • Address : 7181-1 Toki-cho, Mizunami-shi,Gifu 509-6101 Japan
  • TEL : +81-572-68-3151
  • FAX : +81-572-68-3152
  • URL :
  • E-mail :
  • Business Hours : 08:00-17:00
  • Closed : Saturday, Sunday, Holiday, Bon week, New Year’s week


1702 the first Kozaemon (Nakashima Kozaemon Youshin) started the sake brewing using the rice tribute
1953 Kozaemon the 12th founded the joint-stock company
1997 Koshu (Aged Sake) making was started. Put an emphasis on making high grade sake
1998 got a permission to use the 3 paintings of Paul Klee for sake labels from his foundation in Bern. “Angel” and other two paintings have been used as the labels of 3 Siroku bland.
2000 New brand “Kozaemon” was established. Focused on Junmai, and 3 year old sake, 7 kinds of sake were sold.
2001 celebrated 300 years anniversary of the foundation. In the autumn, as memorial sake, “
Shiroku 3 hundred years” was put on sell. Also, Kozaemon Daiginjo was made. At 300 year’s memorial ceremony, the sommelier, Mr. Shinya Tazaki and the chef, Mr. Noboru Katsumata gave lectures.
2002 asked local farmers to make local sake-rice called Mizunami-rice. Using this local Mizunami-rice, two kinds of Kozaemon Junmai-ginjo were brewed.
2006 started to make business to each single agricultural cooperative, in order to get know each other.
2007 New Kozaemon made by 100% local Mizunami-rice was brewed, and being sold limited to Gifu prefecture in 2008. Export of sake just has been started in this year.
2008 Start promotion of Kozaemon directly to first-class restaurants over the world.
2009 Challenge the traditional way of brewing called “Kimoto”.
2011 Export to over 10 countries, and still growing.